10 Tips for Engaging Blue Collar Population With Worksite Wellness

Employee wellness programs are important to support blue-collar workforces, as they require it far more than standard corporations. Blue-collar workers have an increased chance of obesity and lifestyle-related chronic diseases.


Here are 10 tips for improving your engagement with blue-collar workers through employee wellness:



Privacy is one of the main points of a blue-collar wellness program as they may not be able to trust you with their information too easily. Always make sure that there is a safe way for them to disperse information and that all their data is protected.


Have an on-site representative

By introducing one source that the workers can trust, health screenings and other such processes become far more efficient. Health coaching on-site is another great option.


Increase the convenience

Always tailor any employee program to the needs and requirements of the specific workforce. Keeping in mind the unique shifts and schedules of blue-collar employees, think out-of-the-box at all times.


Engage their spouse

Involving spouses in your employee wellness program and directly communicating with them increases the overall engagement level.


Technology should be simple 

Blue-collar workers are not that keen on using new technologies. If you’re using a program, train all your employees effectively and find more fun and engaging ways to help them learn.


Keep your expectations neutral in the first year

Give your wellness program an adequate amount of time and keep working at it to build a proper momentum. It is indeed a commitment where you will see results in the long-run.


Start with the foundations

Your employees should have a basic understanding during the early stages of your program, right from them being aware of their numbers to being in touch with their primary care physician. Moreover, let them know that the healthier they are, the lesser the chances of having accidents on-site.



Encourage wellness leadership 

Appoint wellness ambassadors among managers who will take it upon themselves to promote the program and keep a culture of encouragement.


Effective reward systems

Applaud and give awards to those employees who have made progress in the wellness program to inspire others.


Pay special attention to mental health and safety

Along with physical health, it is important to care for your employees’ mental health as well. Blue-collar workers often have large shifts without any breaks so you should have a counsellor on hand who can guide them.

10 Tips for Engaging Blue Collar Population With Worksite Wellness

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