5 signs you may need physiotherapy

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Not sure if the pain or discomfort you’re experiencing is normal or something worth investigating? You’re not alone.

Physiotherapy is not reserved only for athletes or those recovering from an injury. Although it is most beneficial in these situations, these are not the only times you can benefit from seeing a physiotherapist.

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, physiotherapy can come to your rescue as this form of treatment is very useful in treating the source of the pain. To guide you, we have rounded up five clear-cut signs which indicate when you need to visit a physiotherapist center in Dubai, thus helping to get your body back to normal.

Let’s take a look.

  • Constantly nagging aches and pains

Everyone suffers from aches and pains on some part of the body at some point. But if your pain is persistent and shows no improvement, then it is a sure sign that you need physiotherapy to get your pain/injury treated.

A lot of people with pain push through it and continue carrying on with their everyday lives, thus it gets worse over a period of time. Whether you often have a bad back or regular neck pain, suffer from muscle imbalances or find yourself straining your muscles regularly, physiotherapy can help immensely. Physiotherapy will look into the cause of the pain and aim to target it, helping you feel more comfortable and reducing the risk of flare-ups.

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  • Sudden change in movement or mobility

Mobility and movement for most people is something that is fairly consistent. But, if you suddenly wake up and cannot move as you could the day before past a certain point then it suggests that there is something wrong with your bodily movements, could be trauma or injury and therefore needs to be assessed by a physiotherapist.

  • Loss of balance

Loss of balance is a huge problem for people and it’s not just restricted to the elderly. Today, people of all ages are diagnosed with poor balance. Poor balance could cause you to hurt yourself badly when you’re not expecting it and can be fatal as well. Researchers have suggested that poor balance with passing age could indicate a predisposition to Alzheimer’s disease. If you notice a loss of balance, then you should immediately visit a physiotherapy clinic in Dubai to figure out the root cause and treat it accordingly.

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  • Old injuries flaring up

If you have previously injured yourself and subsequently find that the injury flares up every now and then. For example – you may be fine for a period of time only to find that a certain trigger such as cold weather, makes it painful again.

This could be because the injury has not yet healed fully when it first occurred. Physiotherapy can help with both new injuries and old ones by reducing pain and keeping it under control. A physiotherapist can determine the extent to which the injury is healed and use various techniques to relieve it.

  • Urinating more frequently

As you get older, controlling yourself from urinating becomes more difficult, especially in women. But, if you experience urinary leakage when you sneeze or laugh, or your urges to urinate are frequent, unexpected, and unstoppable, your pelvic floor may have weakened. Fortunately, the physiotherapy center in Dubai can help you strengthen it and resolve your incontinence.

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5 signs you may need physiotherapy

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