7 Signs To Visit An Orthopaedic Clinic In Dubai

You are in your prime. You feel super healthy.

But, just that minor fall or injury you thought will heal on its own seldom triggers pain in your body.

Your back hurts because you haven’t been physically active in a while. But you think that pain will disappear on its own.

However, will it really go away on its own? You might need to rethink after reading this blog.

With today’s hectic lifestyle, it’s common to experience body pain specifically knee, back, spine and joints. Bad posture while sitting or sleeping, not doing regular exercise, lifting heavy objects are common reasons for developing and experiencing pain. The muscles, joints, and nerves in the body can take a beating if not taken care of properly.

Here are 7 signs that you must not ignore and visit an orthopedic clinic in Dubai at the earliest:

  • Suffering from constant pain

There have been various classifications that might assist you in investigating if your discomfort is consistent. Acute discomfort is a type of pain that lasts just a few days.

If your lumbar discomfort remains stagnant for weeks and even months after the injury or root problem has not been addressed, then it’s essential to make a consultation with orthopedic surgeons in Dubai.

  • Small injury

Many individuals ignore minor accidents or injuries, believing that the discomfort will disappear soon. They use the most general home treatments, such as applying warm or cold compresses. However, if not addressed and treated quickly, even minor incidents might escalate into something more critical. So, if you’ve just been in an incident and are suffering from joint pain, even if it’s minimal, you must visit an orthopedic clinic in Dubai.

  • Aches and pains in the legs or feet

Lumbar discomfort combined with pain or stiffness in the legs or feet is a clear indication that you have to visit orthopedics Dubai professionals. Prickling sensation or numbness in the hip, legs, as well as feet, might be caused by stress on the muscles or bone.

  • You believe you may have a sprain or other soft tissue injury

Sprained ankles and wrists are common injuries among those who exercise or play sports regularly. Sprains can cause swelling, severe pain, and inability to move the joint or bear weight on the joint. If you believe you have a sprain, try to elevate the area and reduce swelling with the regular application of ice. If your symptoms still do not resolve after two days and you cannot walk, it is highly recommended to see an orthopedic surgeon to rule out more adverse injuries.

  • Back pain that worsens when you lift weights

Just like knee pain, you ought to visit an orthopedic clinic if you suffer from chronic back pain that gets worse when you lift weights. Back pain is often an indication of problems related to the spine or a herniated disc and should not be neglected at any cost.

  • If you experience a restricted range of movement

Do you often feel an increased stiffness in your joints as the days go by? Or have you experienced a gradual drop in your flexibility levels because of stiff joints? These symptoms might be an indication of joint-related ailments like arthritis and need to be examined immediately.

  • Acute pain that makes it difficult to perform routine tasks

If you are having trouble getting out of bed daily, it goes without saying that it is crucial that you see an orthopedic surgeon. Similarly, if you are having trouble in performing routine tasks like going on a walk or if you experience sharp joint pain frequently, you should pay a visit to an orthopedic clinic in Dubai.

The future of orthopedics is here!

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7 Signs To Visit An Orthopaedic Clinic In Dubai

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