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Detailed and accurate diagnosis will give better management plan and faster recovery time.

Right Health offers comprehensive diagnostic and imaging facilities, Physiotherapy and Pharmacies at convenient locations which can be accessed by our patients.


Our laboratory department is committed to enhance patient satisfaction by providing the most accurate and reliable results within the committed time by using state-of-the-art technology and well-trained laboratory professionals. The tests conducted at our laboratory includes Immunology, Serology, biochemistry, cytology, hematology and microbiology.


The Diagnostic & Imaging units are well equipped with the latest high-end radiological healthcare devices to deal with the most challenging issues. The medical and technical staff helps in providing accurate diagnosis for a totally better patient experience.


Right Health Pharmacies are one of the leading pharmacies network in the UAE with expertise in delivering products in health, wellness and nutrition. Our main aim is to focus on the needs of the patients and the community's ever-growing needs and we work with our partners, to offer quality products which will help in improving healthy lifestyle. Our range covers Medicines, Cosmetics, Vitamins, Personal care, Skincare and more. The team is constantly working towards delivering better store experience, delivery lines, and customer service.


The Physiotherapy Department looks into the illnesses or injuries that limits a person's abilities to perform routine activities or functional works in their daily lives. Our team assesses each individual with a detailed physical examination and diagnosis to give a proper exercise and management plan. The Physiotherapy include customized exercises, manual therapy and manipulation, using mechanical devices such as traction, physical agents such as heat, cold, sound waves and radiation.

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