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An accurate diagnosis not only enhance the recovery process but also suggests precise treatment options

Right Health provides complete diagnostic and imaging solutions, along with physiotherapy and pharmacies at prime, accessible locations.


The Laboratory department at Right Health ensures that every test result of our patients is accurate and reliable. We have an array of advanced technology and highly skilled laboratory technicians that work their best to ensure complete precision. Tests we conduct include Immunology, Serology, Biochemistry, Cytology, Hematology and Microbiology.


Equipped with the latest, radiological equipment, this department deals with offering precise imaging for providing an accurate diagnosis. We make sure that your experience is comfortable and safe. Our radiology professionals are knowledgeable on every aspect of the field.


Right Health Pharmacies are spread across a span of active locations, offering the best products in healthcare and preventive healing. We cater to the needs of our patients and partner with several brands that amps up your health immensely. This includes a range of Medicines, Cosmetics, Vitamins, Personal care, Skincare and more. Our customer service is unmatched and tailored to your needs.


The Department of Physiotherapy takes a closer look at treating individuals whose mobility is limited. Our expert team of physiotherapists first evaluate the entire condition of a patient with a physical examination, before suggesting the best exercises and routines to overcome their difficulties. We use top-notch mechanical devices and methodologies to help you reach your goal.

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