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Right Health - The Best Dental Clinic in Dubai

When it comes to oral healthcare, Right Health is a name you can rely on. Since our inception, we have been striving to offer world-class dental care solutions and treatments to our patients.

Right Health is a leading dental clinic in the UAE. Our team of medical experts caters to different specializations that are aimed at providing you with the best-in-class treatment. With over 60 medical centres and counting, Right Health is synonymous with excellence and commitment! And hence, it is the best choice for anyone looking for the finest and best dental clinic in Dubai.

Delivering beautiful smiles

Right Health is endowed with two of the greatest assets in any medical field – great doctors and best-in-line equipment. Our dental professionals are experts in their field and are known for their excellent service and personalized treatment plans that perfectly benefits our patients’ requirements.

High-quality treatment, reasonable costs, best-in-line equipment, and a caring attitude, make Right Health stand apart when it comes to oral healthcare! Come and experience the convenience and satisfaction yourself, by walking into a Right Health dental clinic near you, the best dental clinic in Dubai.

The best is what you deserve

Smile with confidence as you visit our dental clinics across multiple Right Health branches. Our dentists’ vital expertise in improving your oral health and aesthetic appearance is what makes us the best dental clinic in Dubai. We specialize in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of oral diseases, right from orthodontics and teeth whitening to root canals and more extensive procedures. Everyone who takes an appointment with our dentist leaves with a big bright smile on their face.

Why choose Right Health?

Here’s why Right Health is the best dental clinic in Dubai and your go-to solution for oral healthcare:

  • State of the art multispeciality clinic

We cater to different areas of dentistry right from cleaning and polishing to teeth whitening, etc to curate a wholesome and satisfying experience for our patients.

  • Advanced technology

We ensure that our patients get the most seamless experience during their treatment and hence our clinic uses the latest modern technologies to make the procedure as smooth as possible.

  • Personal touch of care

Our motto is to ensure healthcare is accessible to all, and we go to all lengths to ensure your safety and treatment. At Right Health, we guide you through every step of your procedure to ensure the best treatment for you.

  • World Class Infrastructure

Right Health and all its 62 clinics are known for their world-class infrastructure in Dubai. We believe in keeping up-to-date with the latest developments that are available in the field of dentistry.

  • Primary Health Care Provider of the Year

Right Health has been awarded the Primary Care Provider of the Year, in the United Arab Emirates region, at the Healthcare Asia and Pharma Awards 2021.

Looking for the best dental clinic in Dubai? Walk into one of the most trusted and award-winning dental clinics near you or call on our toll free number 8007400 to book an appointment.

Listen to what our doctors have to say about Right Health.

Dr. Sujaya who has been at Karama main branch for over 20 years now says, “Right Health has more specialized services in terms of surgery and treatments. The process is quick as Right health has all the specialists in their clinics. They even have their own labs for the blood test and ultrasounds. Thus, leading to quicker diagnosis of diseases.”

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