Developing Habits to Prevent the Onset of Flu

Coming down with the flu can put a dampener on your daily life. In some cases, influenza could escalate to a fatal extent. Fortunately, by practising good hygiene and other habits, you have higher chances of preventing its onset. 

Here are tips from our experts on how to prevent the flu:

Take your Flu Shot

A seasonal flu vaccine is essential to protect yourself from multiple strains of influenza viruses and is a pivotal defence measure.


Lessen your contact with afflicted individuals

It’s advisable to minimalise your contact with those who are down with the flu. On the other hand, you must avoid going to work or school if you have caught the flu yourself. 


Cover your mouth and nose

Make sure to cover your mouth or nose with a tissue when under the weather to prevent germs from spreading. 


Wash your hands regularly

Germs can spread through contact and unhygienic environments. Make sure to wash your hands regularly with soap and water or keep them clean with a sanitizer. 


Steer clear from your eyes, nose and mouth

Germs are more likely to spread if those who touch something contaminated also touch their eyes, nose and mouth. 


Keep your surroundings clean

To curb germs from spreading further, put efforts in regular cleanliness and disinfection. 


Prioritise your overall health

Ensure that you sleep well, drink a lot of water, exercise regularly, keep your stress under control and consume healthy food to boost your immunity.

Developing Habits to Prevent the Onset of Flu

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