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Extended Care

Right Health aims to provide substantial value addition for the community. We go beyond standard healthcare facilities and provide additional, personalized care to support every patient in need.
Home Care

For those who are unable to come to our medical centres and clinics, our expert doctors visit their home. They come equipped with all the necessary modern medical equipment to get patients back on their feet.


Distance is never an issue with Right Health. Patients need not be physically present with our doctors. By harnessing the power of phone and computer technology, we can diagnose, treat and give preventive advice to patients in an instant.

Onsite Clinics

Right Health operates onsite health clinics at labour camps and other community sectors to ensure their good health. Our top doctors visit these camps and consult with patients on their difficulties. The working class are the backbone of the country, and they deserve to be strong and healthy.

Home Diagnostic Tests

Have a packed day but still need to do a lab test? Right Health’s home diagnostic services can help you. With supremely high standards and accurate testing, our fundamental mission is to propagate healthier living for all of our patients.