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Best General Practitioner in Dubai

General Practitioner is the first point of contact in ensuring your optimum health, so it is important that you choose the best – one who offers quality treatment and consultation. At Right Health, we have one of the best general practitioners in Dubai who diagnoses your illnesses accurately to ensure the best treatment options.

Right Health is one of the most prominent value healthcare organizations in the UAE, offering expert primary healthcare services to the workforce. From the simplest to the most complex medical problems, we deliver the most cutting-edge treatment to ensure better good for our patients.

Comprehensive Primary Care!

In the current health scenario, there is a need to attend to the patient’s problems, extract accurate medical history and conduct a thorough clinical examination on the patient. Our general physician at Right Health approaches every clinical problem in detail and, if necessary, discusses clinical issues with the concerned specialists to offer our patients the best care.

Our primary care general practitioner in Dubai is able to:

  • Provides skilled preventive care and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Diagnoses and treats a wide range of medical conditions
  • Helps you manage common chronic illnesses
  • Refers you to experienced specialists when required

Why Right Health?

Choosing the right primary care physician for your routine care is the most vital step in achieving and maintaining optimum health and wellness. Here at Right Health, our talented team of specialists and modern technological diagnostics help patients get a better, accurate picture of their problems, as well as providing all-around solutions to illness and diseases.

Our highly qualified general practitioner at Right Health has expertise in medical science with 13 long years of experience. She professionally blends the experience of general practitioner and a holistic Care-Giver, thus helping to bridge the gap between you and quality healthcare.

Looking for a general practitioner in Dubai? Walk into one of the most trusted and

award-winning clinics near you or book an appointment at our toll free number 8007400.

Recent Openings:

Right Health opens its largest medical facility in Karama, Dubai, spanning an area of 4,400 sq ft over two levels. Bringing affordable healthcare to the large population residing around the area, the venture aims to serve more than 70,000 residents. The facility was inaugurated by Awad Saghbir Al Ketbi, director-general of DHA, in the presence of other senior officials from DHA, along with the senior management of Right Health.

What our doctors have to say:

Dr Manisha who has 13 experience as a General Practitioner says, “Right Health offers quality care at very affordable prices, and it has multiple locations. All the clinics have all the facilities needed for primary care including in-house surgeons, gynaecologists, etc. For people who do not have insurance, treatment tends to be expensive, but Right Health helps solve that issue and ensures health facilities are accessible to all.”

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